Fabrizio Corneli
The image and its contrary

Fabrizio Corneli will present his fascinating shadows and lights in a Solo Exhibition, from the 19th of September until the 22nd of October, 2013, at the Gallery Houses of Art – Marbella Club Hotel

Location: Houses of Art Marbella Club Hotel, Bvl. Alfonso von Hohenlohe.
Date:September 19th – October 22nd , 2013

The image and its contrary
Men have always perceived shadow as an incorporeal double of themselves and of the world of things – a sort of bridge between the physical and the imagination, between the body and the spirit, between visible and the invisible.
It is about this perceptual and conceptual ambiguity that Corneli works. Almost the “ground of the middle”, looking for that “middle place” of the living space in which man materializes the eternal relationship between opposites, between earthly reality and spiritual dimension, finite and infinite.
The magic of the silent works of Fabrizio Corneli is built from the shadows, with its immateriality great protagonist of his art: it is the shadow that identifies the image, changing the memory in the physical presence, the physicality in immateriality, the image in vision.
And, to its opposite, the light, the essence of the visible, ideal extreme limit that can exceed the form to touch the pure feeling.
The light is, on the other hand, one of the most powerful demonstrations of the greatness of human creation: the appropriation of knowledge, no longer thought of as divine, is the birth of the city, the artificial horizon and the invention of mechanical reproduction: it is the end of the night of reason to be the beginning of the acquisition and the unveiling. It is the condition of a desire that through the darkness becomes fragment of appearance.
Corneli change the common conception of the relationship between light and shadow: in his works the light is the agent of the apparition, but it is the shadow that evokes and defines the image. The immaterial – the shadow – becomes the element of materialization of form.
The technique chosen by Corneli for his works, anamorphosis, it is ancient knowledge, which combines science and poetry. The result of a careful mathematical study of anamorphosis (ana-MORFOSIS, reconstructed form) allows the artist to form the image almost magically, without defining the contours or shape physically the material, playing on rules of perspective and perception that transform into figures small cuts in thin metal plates.
The visionaries of all ages have loved these transformations that reveal the fantastic side of nature. The image comes to life, moves, changes to the minimum displacement of the eyes. It moves in a fairy kingdom where all things become present and intangible at the same time. ”
This way of conceive art has deep connections with the Eastern sense of aesthetic with the experience of ecstasy or of Zen, which perfect the amazement until cancel consciousness of self and of being.
Adapted and translated from an essay of Silvia Evangelisti.