1961, Solothurn (Switzerland).


    Born in 1961 on 23 March Solothurn
    Matura 1981 in Solothurn, since freelance

    Drawings and paintings

    1986 works of polyester and electric light
    1990 chrome steel objects, rotation Bodies
    1991 objects in aluminum, aircraft technology
    1998 first objects created using CAD
    2003 copper items
    complex objects in virtual space
    2005 Start of series NoReadymades
    2009 first Spaceships
    Lives in Wanzwil BE;
    Studio in Zuchwil SO BE and Wanzwil

  • AREAS:

    Object art / sculpture / virtual reality, building art
    Installation, applied arts, environmental design

    2008 Price for object art of the canton of Solothurn
    1991 Audience Award Christmas exhibition, Solothurn
    1989 business year contribution of the canton of Solothurn

    Schaan, FL Hilti Art Foundation
    Jegenstorf Foundation Rotonda
    ABB Lenzburg AG
    Balsthal Tenba AG
    Würenlingen Schwarz AG
    Grenchen BBZ
    Güdel AG Langenthal, Plant 1 & 2
    Zurich Main Station
    Wangen an der Aare AG Roviva
    Lausen Gysi AG
    St.Bläise / NE in the boat harbor
    Biberist Teltronic AG
    Biel Amsonic Ltd.
    Herzogenbuchsee Michel AG
    Riedholzplatz Rest bathroom Attisholz
    BIS Basel
    Canton of Solothurn various

    2010 Art Karlsruhe, One Artist Show, BEGE galleries Ulm
    Ulm / DE, Fischer Galerie, “2structures”
    Ulm / Germany, gallery Venet house, “2structures”
    2009 Zürich, Garden Art, “The Metamorphosis”
    2007 Jegenstorf, “When Fiction Becomes Evidence” Rotonda Foundation
    Solothurn, Fixed to twist, House of Art, with Franco Müller,
    2005 Gebenstorf, “read all about gravity”, Gallery Krafft and partners
    2004 Solothurn, The Big Loop, Künstlerhaus S11 & Amthausplatz
    Opening with multimedia happening,
    Contributors: Henry Broad, Michel Mast, stuttering Inst, Everest
    2000 Solothurn, Fridays Gallery “Frozen Cities”
    Zurich, Galerie Ruth Allemann
    Biel 1999, Congress House
    1997 Los Angeles / USA: Boritzer Gray, Hamano gallery “sinking cities’
    1995 Zurich: Galerie Ruth Allemann, “Rotation Bodies”, aluminum objects
    Los Angeles / USA: Boritzer Gray, Hamano gallery
    Bern: Galerie V. Mueller
    Burgdorf: DLG-B service buildings Buchmatt in connection with the gallery W
    Ursula Wittmer, chrome steel objects
    1994 Wangen aA: Gallery W Ursula Wittmer, “rotations”, with Henry Broad
    Zuchwil: “Lois Etienne”, installation, with Heinricht Wide
    1993 Olten: Gallery Zeta
    Basel 1992: Galerie Tobias spoon
    Ittigen BE: Gallery in Talgutzentrum
    1991 Grenchen: Contempo Gallery
    Zurich: Galerie Ruth Allemann
    1990 Solothurn Museum of Art (Cantonal Council for Cultural Promotion), “Work Year Posts
    the canton of Solothurn in 1989, “with Rolf Blaser
    1989 Oensingen: Schachen Gallery
    1988 Bern: Loeb Gallery
    1985 Solothurn Castel Burio production
    1983 Solothurn Galerie Weber
    Bern: Gallery Schifflaube
    1981 Solothurn Friday Gallery

    2010 Lucerne, AB Gallery
    Rue, Wonderland, Exposition d’art contemporain au Château de Rue
    Art Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
    Ennetburgen, Switzerland, Sculpture Urschweiz
    2009 Solothurn, Switzerland, House of Art,
    Strasbourg, France, St-way (Skulpurenplatz) with Galerie Frank Pages
    Bad Ragatz, Switzerland, Bad Ragartz
    Lochem, The Netherlands, 15A Gallery
    Ennetburgen, Switzerland, Sculpture Urschweiz (Book)
    Gallery Pesko, Lenzerheide
    2008 Lochem, Holland, 15A Gallery,
    Ulm, Germany, Fischer Galerie
    Ennetburgen, Switzerland, Sculpture Urschweiz
    Zurich, Switzerland, Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth
    St. Moritz, Switzerland, Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth
    2007 Biberist: Schlösslistrasse Bleichenberg
    Cologne Art Fair, Galerie Uli Lang
    Langenthal, Kunsthaus, Local 8
    Solothurn, House of Art, Christmas Exhibition
    2006 Agliè (Turin): International Sculpture in Agliè, 2006
    Water Office (Solothurn area): Art Space church
    Zurich: Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth
    Zurich: Pret à porter, sculpture gallery Krafft & Partners
    Huggerwald: Culture Days Huggerwald 2006
    2005 Solothurn: En plein air art in outer space, Waldegg Castle
    Gebenstorf: small format – large print, gallery Krafft & Partn.
    2003 Solothurn: “Format Trasforma” multimedia project with Michel Mast for S11 ‘Vision
    Illusion of fiction ”
    Artcanal 2002, St. Bläise-Neuchatel
    Kind of plateau, Lamlingen
    2001 Zurich: Galerie Ruth Allemann
    Star Church: Skupturenweg
    Dortmund / Barcelona Museum of Art and Cultural History “The assistant”
    Zurich 2000: “The assistant” Museum of Design
    Granary Herzogenbuchsee
    Bueren an der Aare, Art in the old slaughterhouse
    Grenchen: Art House, “roundabout”, as a guest of GSMBA
    1999 Lenzburg: “Exit”
    1998 Grenchen. Kunsthaus: Art Multiple
    Los Angeles / USA: Boritzer Gray, Hamano gallery
    1997 Solothurn: Art Multiple
    Langenthal: Art House. 2 Round Aeschlimann Scholarship
    1996 Water Office (Subingen between SO and Inkwil BE): “Art Line”
    Wanzwil: Old Factory, with black goose bumps, Reto Emch, Gezinen Good
    1995 Yverdon: Maison d’Ailleurs, Musée de la Science Fiction (with HR Giger)
    Santa Monica: Gensler & Assoc. Artists of Bergamot
    Zurich: Galerie Ruth Allemann, “Gallery Artists”
    1994 Bern Galerie V. Müller, “artist friends” with Urs Hanselmann, Sergio Emery
    Martin Ziegelmüller Heini Stucki
    Biberist: castle front Bleichenberg “Misc Biberist 1894-1994, “former works
    Student / inside ”
    Zurich: New Market
    Minderhout / Belgium: gallery Ingrid Hazelzet
    Zurich: Galerie Ruth Allemann
    1993 Zurich and Solothurn: Brandstetter & Wyss, “I Solothurn Connection”
    1990 Zurich: Galerie Ruth Allemann
    1989 Lucerne Museum of Art, 2nd Round Federal Art Scholarship
    1988 Berne: Freight Train, “art between the rails”
    Basel 1987: muba, “Young Swiss artists”
    1985 Grenchen: Contempo Gallery, “Culture sausage”
    1984 Mount Read: Read Mountain project
    Mill Village: Old rope
    Solothurn / Olten, repeatedly represented at the Cantonal Christmas exhibitions
    Solothurn artists
    2009 Art Karlsruhe, Germany, Fischer Galerie
    2009 St-Art, Strasbourg, France, (Skulpurenplatz) with Galerie Frank Pages
    2008 Art Bodensee, Germany, Fischer Galerie
    2007 Art Fair, Cologne, Galerie Uli Lang
    Europ’Art 1992, Geneva, Galerie Ruth Allemann
    1991 Art Basel, Art 22’91, gallery Brechbühl

    2011 monograph publishing Stämpfli
    2009 Bad Ragartz, exhibition catalog
    Atmosphčre, dynamics in steel, Carlo Borer
    2008 Sculpture, USA, Peculier Geometries, text by Peter Lodermeyer
    Ceasar, Retro-Futurism
    2007 Catalogue, “All Lies About Gravity”
    Catalog, Fixed To twist, House of Art, exhibition catalog
    2006 International Sculpture in Agliè, exhibition catalog
    2005 Lounge is: No. 2 “Between baroque and science fiction”
    2003 CD ROM / mast with Michel
    2002 Living room and “Heavy Metal”
    Canal Art, catalog of the exhibition
    Many publications about 1999 “Flash Gordon faster service” and “Etienne Louis”
    1999 Solothurn newspaper “thinking for the next millennium”
    1998 “Cash” article “Hollywood” several articles in the local press
    1997 “Böhler Active”
    TV report, in Santa Monica Claudia Laffranci
    Tele Zuri / Tele Bern “Etienne Louis”
    1996 Documentation of the exhibition “Art Line”
    1995 Al Oliver Liebl: Portrait of an Artist in “Wohnrevue” 4/95, streaks, June issue
    Post about “stars” in “salt and pepper”, Winterthur, No. 8/9
    Exhibition catalog “Rotary Bodies” (Galerie Ruth Allemann, Zurich)
    1994 Annelise Zwez: “Carlo Borer / Henry Broad, ‘rotations’” in “Artis”, Bern, Issue 11
    1993 4/93 Wohnrevue
    Catalog “aluminum objects”, text: Dr. Alexander Rutar (Zeta Gallery, Olten)
    1991 KVS
    “Cultura”, Ittigen, Issue 1
    1989 Catalog “work year from the Canton of Solothurn, 1989″ (Cantonal Committee for
    Cultural promotion, Solothurn)
    Starship Troopers Paul Verhoeven, Tri-Star Pictures
    Small Soldiers Joe Dante, Dreamworks LLC
    Goodbye Lover Roland Joffe, New Regency (Patricia Arquette)
    Teenage Caveman (the picture) Larry Clarke
    Nude Doris Dorrie
    The friend Micha Lewinsky
    The Bulle von Tölz
  • COLLECTIONS (Selection):

    Hilti Art Foundation, Schaan, FL
    Museum of Design, Zurich
    Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich
    Maison d’Ailleurs, Musée de la science fiction, Yverdon
    Ursula & Chris Burkhart, Mettmenstetten
    Rutger Hauer, Malibu, USA
    Dr. Martin Hess, Solothurn
    Max Amsler Schinznach
    Dr. Alexander Ruter, Lucerne
    Stefan Kramer, Bern
    Stefan Urfer Münsingen
    Markus Sure, Seeberg
    Dr. Anton Meier, Solothurn
    Stefan Sieboth, Derendingen
    Roland Blunier, Tenba AG, Balstahl
    Paula & Hans Daeppen, Luxembourg
    Gysi AG, Zürich
    RADO Watch
    Kunstverein Grenchen
    Güdel AG, Langenthal
    Canton of Solothurn
    Schwarz AG
    Teltronic, Biberist
    Amsonic, Biel
    Rudolf Güdel, Solothurn
    René Michel & Gabi, Herzogenbuchsee
    Dr. Andreas Bänziger Rehetobel
    Milo Miler, Lugano
    Peter Hauri; Feldbrunnenstraße
    Michel AG, Herzogenbuchsee
    Violanta & Werner Rüedy Werren
    Becker family, Solothurn
    Christine & Hanspeter Rentsch, Bettlach
    Otto Bachmann, Stansstad
    Karl Krawinkel, Mountain Neustadt, DE
    BIS, Basel